General English

1. Words Are Born Every Day

Level      C1

Duration: 30 hours/ semester. One or two semesters can be completed.

Time and venue:  Tuesday,  13.05 – 14.35, JCJ, ul. Krupnicza 2, room 318

Tutor  Bernadeta Raczkiewicz,

Course description: The course focuses on English words and expressions so students can expand their active vocabulary and use more up-to-date English in their writing and in everyday life. Topics include: teen language, colloquial words, elements of slang, common abbreviations and classified ads, the language of media and advertising, ambiguous words, homophones and homonyms, British versus American words, idioms, overused words (buzzwords) and other topics. Attention is also given to the interpretation of meaning – the course looks at irony, sarcasm, aphorisms, euphemisms, metaphors, wordplay and funny examples of verbal errors. The course is based on textbooks as well as on authentic  materials from British and American media. It is addressed to students of any field who share an interest in contemporary English  czytaj więcej....

2. Read and think critically

Level:       C1

Duration:  30 hours/semester. One or two semesters can be completed.

Time and venue: Tuesday, 11.20-12.50 ul. Krupnicza 2 room 204

Tutor:       Agata Kowol,

Course description: The course is addressed to students who wish to  practice their critical reading skills. It is based on a selection of  up-to-date British and American press articles.  Focus will be placed on the analysis of the organisation of arguments and reasoning, stylistic traits, recognising irony or bias, and differentiating between facts and opinions. This will also help to improve critical thinking and analytical skills useful in both academic and everyday contexts, as well as examination tasks. Additionally, there will be a chance to discuss the topics raised and to broaden the range of grammar structures, vocabulary, idioms and collocations.czytaj więcej....


3. Academic writing

Level:       C1

Duration: Two semesters, 30 hours/semester

Time and venue: Monday  14.45 – 16.15, JCJ, ul. Krupnicza 2, room 309

Tutor:      Dominika Stopa,

Course description: The course is aimed at PhD and postgraduate students who are keen to improve their academic writing skills. The course will help students gain more understanding of typical features of academic style, genre and writing process. As writing is not solely an individual process, students learn to cooperate with others in the process of peer reviewing and peer editing. What additionally broadens the perspective is the fact that participants come from different faculties and bring in their knowledge of various practices in different fields.

4.European Intellectual Tradition - Problems of Western Philosophy

Level:      C1

Duration: 30hours/semester.

Time and venue:  Thursday 16.00-17.30 Al. Kijowska 14,  Room 208

Tutor:       Wojciech Majka,

Course description: The course has an interdisciplinary profile. Its main objective is to introduce the major writers and thinkers that helped define what we can loosely call the European intellectual tradition.The course will address issues that have been articulated by thinkers of the Ancient World (e.g. Homer, Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles, Ovid), the Middle Ages (Augustine, Aquinas, Dante, Boccaccio), the Renaissance  (Shakespeare, Moliere, Milton, Descartes), the Romantic Age (Goethe, Rousseau, Schopenhauer, Kant, Blake, Melville or Thoreau) as well as so called modern intellectuals (e.g. Nietzsche, Russell, Sartre, Joyce, Freud or Heidegger). In linguistic terms the main objective is to help students develop their skills in reading, writing and speaking in an academic context. The course will also develop the students' critical thinking capacities and enhance their overall academic potential czytaj więcej....

5. English in the workplace

Level:    B2+

Duration: 30 hours (starting: semester two, March 2017)

Time and venue:    Wednesday 9.45-11.15, Krupnicza 2, room 316

Tutor:   Agata Kowol

Course description: Course description: The aim of the course is to prepare students to successfully perform professional tasks in English. Among the topics to be discussed are: writing a CV and a cover letter, job interviews, the recruitment process, brainstorming, telephoning, handling meetings, successful presenting, and writing business emails, reports and memos. The students will train primarily writing and speaking in practical contexts in order to be able to meet the demands of their potential future employers. czytaj więcej...

English for Specific Purposes. 

1. Legal English

Level:      B2+   

Duration: 30 hours / semester. One or two semesters can be completed.

Time and venue: Wednesday 10:00-11:30  Krupnicza 2   Room 309

Tutor:       Izabela Bakota,

Course description: The course is designed for students who wish to develop their knowledge of legal vocabulary and master their skills of reading and writing legal texts. 
The students will read legal articles, write legal letters and study the basic concepts of penal and civil law: the legal systems; legal professions; criminal procedure; the law of tort; contract law; elements of the EU law, family law, inheritance law, and company law.
The course is based on authentic materials (Internet, press) and on a collection of legal texts.czytaj więcej....


2. Legal English

Level:      B2+

Duration: 60 hours – two semesters (but only one semester can also be completed)

Time and venue: Monday, 14.00-15.30, al. Kijowska 14, room 205

Tutor:      Małgorzata Grabania-Mukerji,

Course description: The course is designed for students of law or administration. The primary aim of the course is to increase understanding of written and spoken texts connected with the areas of civil, criminal and business law in English. A lot of emphasis is put on legal vocabulary and speaking as well as on the preparation for Test of English Legal English Skills (TOLES Higher)czytaj więcej....


3. Business and Financial English

Level:      B2+

Duration: 60 hours – two semesters ( only one semester can also be completed)

Time and venue: Thursday, 15.00-16.30, al. Kijowska 14, room 7

Tutor:      Małgorzata Grabania-Mukerji,

Course description: The course is designed for everybody who is interested in Business/Financial English and would like to increase their chances on the job market. It concentrates on various  business topics through introduction of useful vocabulary and stimulating communicative tasks, practicing skills like telephoning, negotiating, presenting. The course does not require any background in business or economics but aims to introduce certain useful topics of business and finance to students. czytaj więcej....


4. Environmental Science

Level:      C1 / B2+

Duration: 30 hours/semester. Full course 60 hours. 

Time and venue:  Monday:  8.10-9.40 ul. Gronostajowa 7, level B2+

                            Monday:  9.45-11.15 ul. Gronostajowa 7,  level C1

Tutor:      Renata Orłowska

Authors:  Renata Orłowska, Ewa Szupelak

Course description:  The course is designed for students of environmental science, who already have a knowledge of the subject, as well as those who aim to get acquainted with basic environmental issues and latest news and discoveries. It covers a broad range of topics through various films, radio programmes and articles. The course gives students an opportunity to practise newly-learned vocabulary and skills in a variety of speaking activities discussions and debates. czytaj więcej....


5. English in the Natural Sciences

Level:      C1

Duration: 30 hours/a semester . One or two semesters can be completed.

Time and venue: Monday 13.45-15.15  ul. Gronostajowa 7, room 1.0.3

Tutor:      Wioletta Rożnawska

Course description:The course is designed for PhD students and those interested in the subject matter.

The aim of the course is to improve students' professional communication skills, expand their vocabulary connected with doing scientific research in the field of biology, biotechnology and related sciences. Students will  also learn the language they need to participate in meetings and discussions as well as to write a research paper or an abstract. czytaj więcej...